Waluigi Fans Harass Smash Bros Ultimate Creator with Inappropriate Content

Waluigi has routinely been referred to as the worst character in the Mario universe. However, in recent years, a vocal contingent of Nintendo fans have got behind Luigi’s dastardly nemesis, with him being transformed into something of a meme as a result. This has culminated in a backlash against the character’s absence in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster, leading to the series’ creator having to block followers on Twitter for posting “inappropriate content.”

Masahiro Sakurai is the game director behind the Super Smash Bros series, with him recently appearing in the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct in order to reveal the latest entry in the series. While many were pleased with Smash Bros Ultimate, the lack of Waluigi caused some to vent their frustrations online. However, as the internet is wont to do, it wasn’t long before these criticisms started turning ugly:

Some of the more controversial tweets sent to Sakurai include an image of Waluigi’s face PhotoShopped onto the Twin Towers, with Sakurai also being ‘shopped onto an image of Osama bin Laden:

Posting under the hashtag #JUSTICEFORWALUIGI, Sakurai has reportedly taken to blocking those pestering him to include Waluigi in Smash Bros Ultimate. While Waluigi has yet to be announced for the new game, there’s still a chance that he could make an appearance in some capacity. The game’s E3 2018 showing revealed that it would feature every Smash Bros character in the series’ history, though new characters such as the Inklings and Ridley have already made an appearance. Perhaps Waluigi will be included as a DLC fighter?

There’s no telling what the plans are for Wario’s purple sidekick, though it seems like Waluigi fans are becoming just as divisive as the character they’re trying to support. We all want Waluigi in Smash Bros Ultimate, but tone it down a bit, eh?