War Thunder Xbox One Early Access Bundles Released

War Thunder for the Xbox One will be released free-to-play later this year but Gaijin Entertainment has released early access bundles for those who want to get into the game before everyone else. The three early access bundles will give buyers immediate access to the game as well as bonus in-game content and access to the War Thunder Naval Battles Closed Beta.

The War Thunder early access bundle are available in Starter, Advanced, and Elite variants. All three will come with a set of unique decals, titles, in-game currency, premium account access, and at least one Xbox One exclusive premium vehicle. All three bundles will also come with the Thach’s F2A-1 Buffalo aircraft (Rank 1, USA).

The Starter Bundle ($19.99) comes with the Xbox One exclusive Light tank M5A1 Stuart of 5th Canadian Armored Division (Rank 2 USA). The Advanced Bundle ($59.99) comes with an additional Chrysler XM-1 tank (Rank 5 USA) and F4U-4B Corsair aircraft of VMF-514 (Rank 4 USA). The Elite Bundle ($99.99) will also get the Fletcher class destroyer USS Bennion (Rank 3 USA) as well as all the other Xbox One exclusive vehicles.

Along with the release of the War Thunder early access bundles for Xbox One, Gaijin Entertainment has also launched the War Thunder Naval Battles Closed Beta on all platforms. The Naval Battles Closed Beta adds naval warfare to the game and gives players access to almost 50 warships from the USA and Germany, with more coming in the future. A new progression system has also been released that will allow players to go through their research trees and unlock ships faster. Players who purchase a War Thunder Early Access Bundle for the Xbox One will also get access to the Naval Battles Closed Beta while those on the PlayStation 4 and PC will need to purchase early access to the Naval Battles Closed Beta.

War Thunder will be released free-to-play on the Xbox One later this year and is already available on the PlayStation 4 and PC. You can check out the War Thunder Naval Battles Closed Beta trailer below: