Telltale Stranger Things Will be the First Game on its New Engine

After multiple series and countless episodes, Telltale Games is finally reportedly moving on from its current engine. The studio will be ditching its oft-maligned Telltale Tool and replacing it with the popular cross-platform game engine, Unity. Telltale Stranger Things will allegedly be the first of their games to appear on Unity but has no current release date.

This comes by the way of Variety’s new report concerning the Telltale and Stranger Things deal with Netflix. Sources revealed that the move to Unity was long overdue but they’re having trouble adapting their workflow to the new tools. The Walking Dead‘s final season is set to launch on August 14th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Switch at a later date) and will mark the last series on Telltale Tool.

Telltale Games have used Telltale Tool as a foundation since the their inception. While the studio has made some celebrated games with it, the engine has started to show its age in the past few years. Framerate dips, glitches, and technical hiccups have always plagued their games in some capacity but have recently reached a boiling point for players.

This is possibly a reason why recent Telltale titles have not sold as well. Listing multiple, unnamed Telltale employees, the article reveals that “too many projects fired out to poor sales reception” and general apathy over their style of adventure game. The Walking Dead‘s first season may have kicked the developers into the spotlight but the barrage of similar titles and technical problems pushed them into a shell of their former selves.

Telltale Stranger Things has no announced release date so it’s unknown when we will get a peek at their new engine in action. The game was revealed on their official Twitter account with no images or trailer, which makes sense given that they were in the midst of an engine switch.