H1Z1 Battle Royale PS4 Open Beta Reaches Over 10 Million Players in One Month

Daybreak Games has announced that the H1Z1 Battle Royale PS4 Open Beta has reached over a whopping 10 million players in the span of only one month. The game launched in Open Beta last month on May 22nd, 2018 for the console and the game has turned out to be a bonafide hit. Battle Royale games continue to reign supreme in 2018, and the trend seems to be going strong, despite the naysayers.

According to statistics provided by Daybreak Games, more than 102 million hours of H1Z1 have been accumulated by players all over the world. To celebrate these incredible milestones, every player who has downloaded the game will receive a Darkfire Pickup Truck and Sunrise Parachute in-game skin for free. That refers to every player who participated in the Open Beta and logged into the game before 11:59 PM PT on Wednesday, 27th June 2018.

H1Z1 Battle Royale PS4 Open Beta: New Update Incoming

Other statistical milestones revealed by Daybreak Games include more than 167 million total kills and 16 million total headshots have been achieved in H1Z1 during the Open Beta. If that’s not impressive enough, the developer will be launching a massive update for H1Z1 on the PS4 later today. The new upcoming update will introduce Revive mechanics and aim acceleration adjustments. as well as a new weapon dubbed the Airstrike Signal which will allow players to drop bombs on enemies.

This incredible 10 million player milestone wasn’t totally unexpected, as H1Z1 already managed to reach three million players in the first 48 hours of the PS4 Open Beta. It’s great to see that the game isn’t a one trick pony, and it has grown considerably since then. We look forward to seeing what the future of H1Z1 will be like.

H1Z1 left early access in February earlier this year, after three years of being in Early Access. The 1.0 version released with a vehicular battle royale mode dubbed Auto Royale, which pits 30 teams of four players each. The developer then announced that the game will now become free-to-play back in March, with a focus on esports moving forward in the future.