Overwatch Players Are Having the Time of Their Lives With Wrecking Ball’s Abilities

Overwatch players are, as always when a new hero comes out, having the time of their lives with Wrecking Ball’s new abilities. If we’re all honest with ourselves, we should have seen this coming the moment it was announced that Wrecking Ball was a giant hamster in a mech suit that is conveniently shaped as a hamster ball, especially when it comes with a grapple gun. What else would players do when hearing this, not try to compete among themselves to see the quirkiest things they could do with it? Sacrilege.

Wrecking Ball hit the servers only yesterday, so we’d forgive your surprise at how fast people have adapted to the little pipsqueak’s abilities, and already players have discovered new things. Our personal favorite has to come from Daniel Fenner, who showed off a very new type of eSport that the Overwatch team should jump on quick: Wrecking Ball racing.

Using Wrecking Ball’s grappling gun to give them momentum and dive around corners is certainly one way to race, but that isn’t the only thing players have been doing when it comes to experimenting with the newest hero on the PTR.  More than a few players have taken advantage of Wrecking Ball’s mobility-heavy skillset and have used the grappling gun to swing from wall to wall, allowing them to get to the checkpoint faster as well as using it to surprise enemy players.

Though there have been instances where players have loaded up a custom map just to get the hang of Wrecking Ball’s abilities. As it turns out, playing the little guy with zero cooldowns makes you the rodent version of Spiderman as you swing through the sky. At this rate, we’re a little concerned that Widowmaker’s going to be out of a job with how superior Wrecking Ball’s grapple gun is.

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