Primal Carnage Extinction Loot Boxes Removed Due to “Shift in Legislation”

Primal Carnage Extinction loot boxes are being removed. The class-based, online multiplayer game is following the route of many other games by removing loot boxes. A post by the developer on Steam said that loot crates have been removed from the game due to a “shift in legislation.” The removal of loot boxes from the game is so that the title is compliant with various country’s legislation.

A statement released by the developer notes that the loot crates will be removed from the game on July 31. The developer also detailed what this means for existing players. “After July 31, keys will no longer be purchasable, tradable or marketable. Any keys that you have in your inventory at that point will remain there – we will never remove any items from you. There will be no other way to open any remaining crates. However, they will remain craftable into Common items using our in-game crafting system”.

Primal Carnage: Extinction removes loot boxes.

Removing loot boxes from Primal Carnage Extinction is probably a good move by the developer, as this could attract new players to the game. If a game has loot boxes, people may not play the game due to all the controversy surrounding them. The removal of loot crates from Primal Carnage Extinction may help to increase the player base for the game. The game has a small but loyal fan base.

Loot boxes aren’t very popular amongst gamers. People see them as an evil way of getting more money from consumers. Ever since the Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy, loot boxes have been a rather hot topic. The loot box controversy even attracted the attention of politicians who tried to get legislation put on them. Since the Star Wars Battlefront 2 drama, many developers have been removing loot boxes from their games. One of the games that removed loot boxes was Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Loot boxes in that game were also criticised by consumers.

Primal Carnage Extinction is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.