Xbox One Update Rolls Out Today, Brings FastStart and Game Grouping

Along with some buying studio and showing new games, Microsoft also gave some details on the next Xbox One update during their E3 press briefing and today they delivered. The July update is now available for all Xbox One systems. It includes FastStart for select titles, the ability to group games and apps, Mixer improvements, and a better search function.

FastStart headlines this update and was mentioned on stage during E3. It allows players to jump into their games more quickly since it prioritizes what files it needs to download first using “machine learning based on how gamers actually play each game.” It requires a 20 Mbps download speed  and only select games in English from their Game Pass library support this feature. The FastStart catalog will update and expand in the months to come and Microsoft will reveal them as they become ready. Only some games, like Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 and Devil May Cry HD Collection, currently support this technology.

This sounds a bit similar to what the PS4 has had since its launch. Some games allowed players to choose whether to download the multiplayer or campaign first. Others downloaded early parts of the game in order to let players hop in more quickly. The digital PS3 version of The Last of Us also had some form of this technology.

Game grouping is the next biggest feature and is self-explanatory. Apps and games can now be placed in folders and named. Players can then add groups to their home page. Groups are even saved to your Xbox Live account and will sync when you sign in on a new Xbox One. If you’re having issues seeing your new groups, Major Nelson advises that you reboot your Xbox One.

The Xbox One update brings multiple improvements to Mixer, Microsoft’s live streaming video platform. The Share Controller now supports key bindings and multi-touch for touch-enabled devices as well as a leaderboard that tracks who has contributed the most to a streamer’s channel. Microsoft is also promising that Mixer streaming will now look better, especially during multiplayer.

This update also enabled full screen webcam broadcasts for Mixer. Game audio mutes in this mode and lets streamers talk to their audience. Ostensibly, this opens the door for people to have broadcasts without gaming in them at all, which Twitch also does.