Nintendo Cross-Play

Nintendo Says It Will Help Publishers With Cross-Play if That’s What They Want

During a general meeting of shareholders, Nintendo discussed and answered questions about the past, present, and future of Nintendo. One of these questions centered around indie titles, but another focused on another hot topic that will have the gaming community frothing at the mouth. That’s right, we’re talking about Nintendo cross-play. As some already know, Nintendo cross-play has been a point of appeal to some, especially those who feel that Sony won’t be catering to that need of theirs anytime soon.

Thankfully, Tatsumi Kimishima (Representative Director and President) and Susumu Tanaka (Senior Executive Officer) are in agreement about how important cross-play is. During the shareholders meeting, they were asked to talk about the relationship between Nintendo and other publishers, as well as their initiatives for multi-platform titles, such as Fortnite and Minecraft.

Kimishima answered like so: “I will have to refrain from commenting directly about (crossplay in) Fortnite and Minecraft because those are not Nintendo titles. But I will say that our fundamental way of thinking about offering Nintendo titles on other platforms remains unchanged.”

Tanaka, on the other hand, spoke more about the relationship between publishers and platform holders and how it affects cross-play. He said that they were “inclined to do what [they] could” in order to help publishers incorporate cross-play, but only if “that was what they wanted.” This could mean great things for the future of multiplayer games on the Switch, especially with Fortnite and Minecraft already doing so well.

In other news, Nintendo has also said during the meeting that they are aiming to have 20-30 new indie games on their eShop each week. The reception to this information has been mixed as while it’s never a bad thing to have more recognition for indie games, there is more chance of them getting lost in the constant additions of indie games.

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