Super Smash Bros Ultimate Download Size for the Nintendo Switch Is Huge

Super Smash Bros Ultimate download size has recently been revealed, and boy, do we hope you’ll be making the necessary preparations to run it. That’s because, as to be expected of a game with that many characters, backgrounds, etc it will take up more than its fair share of space on your Nintendo Switch. So, in that case, we sincerely hope that you guys are deleting all those spare photos of Link wearing pretty Gerudo clothes from your Switch’s album otherwise you’re going to have trouble downloading the game.

Thanks to a report from Destructoid, the digital store for Super Smash Bros Ultimate indicates that the file size for it will be 16GB. Yep, a whole 16GB of your Switch – gone in a moment. Of course, the size of the game hasn’t fully been confirmed just yet, but if it does end up being that size then it looks like a trip to the nearest tech store is in order. Especially if this isn’t your first game on your Switch, as there’s only 32GB worth of space on the Switch and most of that is already taken up due to updates and downloads.

To put it under perspective on how huge the new Super Smash Bros will be, we’ll compare it to Bethesda’s rather hefty games. While Skyrim for the Switch is their smallest game at 14GB, others such as Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus are as huge as 22GB to 24 GB, making them some of the biggest games available on the Switch.

However, as mentioned above, with as much content Nintendo is providing for the game, the large size doesn’t seem all that shocking. That and we’re certain that no matter the size, fans will be more than willing to shell out some cash to make sure they have enough room for the game when it’s released. After all, it sounds like the game will be worth it.