Report: Death Stranding Release Date Leaked by Amazon

Hideo Kojima’s highly anticipated new game Death Stranding supposedly has a release date. According to Amazon UK’s product listing for the game, we may be getting the mysterious title on March 29, 2019, as seen below. This, unfortunately, puts it past its current release window.


The game did have a placeholder date before, which was December 3, 2018. This is still the case on many other sites such as Amazon US. While it’s possible that this is just another placeholder, we have had leaks from retailers before that have been right, so this could be solid evidence for when the game is coming out.

It’s important to take this information with a grain of salt, as this could all be a ruse since the date is conveniently before the end of Q1 2019. It could be is that Amazon UK is hedging its bets on when the game potentially releases. For all we know, the March 29 could pass by without a launch, and the date will then shift.

However, there is some potential for this release date to be true. Back in September 2016, Kojima Productions tweeted out the below:

So in a typically Kojima way, we know that the game will be coming out between 2019 and early 2020. Hopefully this is the case for the game, as it has already been pushed back many times. In addition to that, it was announced many years ago, so fans’ expectations must be extremely high. Let’s hope that this rumor turns out to be true for their sake!

So what do you think? Is this all smoke, mirrors, and lies that will get our hopes up to then dash them? Or will Kojima’s weird game finally have a release date? Sound off in the comments below!