Is This New Studio Founded by Final Fantasy XV Devs Planning a Next-Gen Game?

The studio which includes many Final Fantasy XV  developers is planning a next-gen game. The recently established Luminous Productions, which is helmed by Hajime Tabata (who we have interviewed before) and filled with many team members of Final Fantasy XV, put up job listings (in Japanese) for many positions. What’s key here is that they hint at a next-gen game.

The job listings include:

  • Graphics programmers, gameplay programmers, animation programmers, AI programmers
  • Tool programmers, R&D programmers, and various VFX positions
  • Game designers, AI designers
  • Technical animators, facial animators
  • Rigging artists, concept artists, 3D character artists, “simulation technical artists”
  • Live service planners, data analysts.

The listings also further detail that the project they are hiring for is a “high-end AAA console game project, a world-class large-scale game that everyone knows.” Additionally, listings say that people in these positions will have “a chance to touch the latest technology.” They also want people who could, “investigate, research, and develop core features of [a] next generation,” version of their current engine.

When you go deeper into the listings, you can find that hires will be essentially developing something along the lines of Final Fantasy XV, but for the next-generation. Additionally, the listings seem to overall suggest a future-facing project and work on the Luminous Studio engine.  All in all, the new jobs suggest the studio is making a new AAA game in a franchise and updating the Luminous Studio engine to be able to accommodate it. This is not necessarily confirmation of anything concrete, but it is a hint towards the Final Fantasy XV studio making a next-gen game.

So what do you think? Is this all smoke and mirrors that lead absolutely nowhere? Or do you think this means we are getting a next-generation Final Fantasy game similar to Final Fantasy XV? Sound off in the comments below!