Microsoft to Release Two Next-Gen Xbox Consoles – Report

It’s that time of the gaming generation again, where rumors and reports about the next-gen consoles arise. A recent report suggests that Microsoft will be launching not one, but two next-gen Xbox consoles. The report also suggests that the two systems will be a traditional console and a streaming device.

The report comes from Thurrott reporter Brad Sams, who has revealed accurate details on Microsoft’s hardware in the past. Thurrott has also previously revealed details on codename Scarlett, the current title for the next-gen Xbox. Sam’s latest report indicates that codename Scarlett isn’t just the next-gen Xbox console but rather a whole family of devices.

One of the new devices coming from Microsoft will be a traditional console, much like the Xbox One. The report doesn’t detail the specs of the upcoming console, and all we know is that it will be more powerful than the current Xbox consoles on the market today. The second device is reportedly called Scarlett Cloud and it’s a streaming box, that is less powerful than the traditional console and much cheaper.

Scarlett Cloud will have enough power to do the basics such as controller inputs, image processing, and collision detection. One part of the game will be running on the hardware, whilst Microsoft’s cloud stitches it together. The company is also working on the networking side of things and believes that it has found a way to reduce latency issues. Scarlett Cloud will apparently be closer to Microsoft’s Azure servers and this is how the company will reduce latency in multiplayer games.

The company has previously stated that it wants Xbox to be accessible on every device and the reported Scarlett Cloud looks to be the first step in that direction. The report by Thurrott also states that the streaming box is further along in development than the traditional console but both are said to release in 2020.

A lot of this information seems to fall in line with what head of Xbox, Phil Spencer said at E3 2018. Spencer took to the stage during the latter portions of the Microsoft conference to announce that the company is working on new hardware and new ways to stream video games. However, whilst Thurrott has been accurate before, we stress that you take the news with a pinch of salt.

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