Fortnite Reddit User Immortalized by Epic Games in Birthday Update

Fortnite fans will remember “The Greatest Rescue Mission in Fortnite” video. Well, now that infamous rescue mission has now been immortalized in Fortnite. For those unaware, the Fortnite Greatest Rescue Mission was a video placed on the Fortnite Reddit. In the video, we see a player notice that another player (Chappadoodle) is stuck at the bottom of a cliff. Thus begins the great rescue mission. It goes hilariously wrong.

You can watch the original video below, from Redditor PointyHatMan:

The greatest rescue mission in Fortnite. from r/FortNiteBR

After spending ages creating an incredibly detailed, careful mat system to get down, and back up the cliff, the player goes down in a golf cart, only to smash into the helpless Chappadoodle at the bottom of the cliff. Knocking him into the ocean and killing him instantly. A genuinely hilarious moment. Now, the spectacularly botched rescue mission has been immortalized by Epic Games.

Following the Fortnite 5.1 update, you can now head over to the spot of the failed rescue mission and find a gravestone. Next to the gravestone is a pile of tires. Chappadoodle’s legacy lives on. Redditor StorBrandEnigma noticed the lovely new touch, and uploaded a video of his discovery, which you can watch below:

Epic added tribute to “The greatest rescue mission in Fortnite” from r/FortNiteBR

The touching tribute not only acts as a hilarious reminder of the fantastically failed rescue mission but shows that Epic Games are listening to fans and aware of the scene surrounding its monumental smash hit. It would be easy for Epic Games to ignore any such videos as the “Greatest rescue mission”, but they have seen it, and added in a tribute for everyone to see no less. Details like this are just one of the many reasons players in their millions keep returning to Fortnite. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll upload something to the Fortnite Reddit that will get official recognition?

Chappadoodle, gone, but not forgotten.