Paladins is now Free to Play on Switch

Switch fans, rejoice! Paladins is now available to download and play for free. The hugely popular Paladins was released on Switch around E3 2018. Instead of releasing it as a free download (as it is on everything else), however, Hi-Rez Studios’ online multiplayer title was only available to download on Switch by buying the Founder’s Pack. From today, we can download and play Paladins Switch for free.

While it was ridiculous that you had to buy the Founder’s Pack to play Paladins on Switch, at least we could play it at all. Now, however, it’s all changed. We no longer have to pay to play the game on our little hybrid machines. Despite this, you can still buy and download the Founder’s Pack, but it will set you back a pretty penny. $29.99 to be precise. Those looking for a more complete Paladins experience will want to buy the Founder’s Pack, mind.

Indeed, buying the Founder’s Pack will award you with a ton of content. You’ll immediately be given access to every playable Champion (with all their voice packs to boot), exclusive cosmetic items and more. The free edition of Paladins doesn’t give you any of these extras, but you can unlock new Champions through play. If you see any cosmetic items you’re keen on, however? You’ll have to fork over some of your hard-earned cash. If you’re impatient, or don’t have much time to play, the Founder’s Pack is still the way to go.

Remember, you can play Paladins Switch with players on Xbox One thanks to cross-platform play. There are millions of users already playing the online shooting game, and with it available for free from today, there has never been a better time to start playing Paladins on Switch. A competent Overwatch alike, Paladins plays like a dream on Switch.

All you need to do to download Paladins Switch, is head on over to the eShop, find (or search for) it and download away!