1979 Revolution Mixer Support Announced For Xbox One Version, Allows Crowd Interaction

1979 Revolution: Black Friday released last year on PC to high praise and multiple accolades. It’s coming out on July 31 on PS4, August 2 on Switch, and August 3 on Xbox One, but that last version will include a special feature. 1979 Revolution Mixer support is coming to the Xbox One version of the game, which will allow the player to stream it and let the crowd help choose between the narrative choices littered throughout.

The game is very much inspired by Telltale Games‘ recent work, allowing players to walk around an environment then choose dialogue options when the time calls. The narrative then shapes around your choices. When streaming on Mixer on the Xbox One, a timer will show up and the choice with the most amount of votes will be selected. Navid Khonsari, creator of 1979 Revolution: Black Friday and co-founder of developer iNK Stories, said he feels like this feature is a great marriage of community and that style of game.

“Mixer is the perfect feature to bring a greater sense of real-life stakes and community to the gameplay of 1979 Revolution: Black Friday,” he said. “People from all over the world will have the opportunity to work together, interacting with the many different groups that made up the Revolution, while making difficult narrative choices on what they value and who they trust in a world on the brink of change.”

This feature is exclusive to the Xbox One version of the game, which makes sense given that Mixer is a Microsoft-owned video streaming service. 1979 Revolution Mixer support could have been included to match some of the other games in the genre. Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman, and The Walking Dead Season 3 also all let the audience vote on dialogue choices. Minecraft also has some unique Mixer features that let the players choose what obstacles show up in the game among other things.