Earth Defence Force 5 Coming West

The cult classic bug-stomping series Earth Defence Force is coming back west. Earth Defence Force had a trailer released on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel today. It was originally released in Japan on December 7th, 2017 on PS4.

The trailer, which shows a lot of nasty big bugs so be careful, depicts the series’ cult gameplay in good form. Filled with campy dialogue, giant bugs as well as a giant frog with a big gun, you will be tasked with defending the world from giant alien bugs. The game will also be set in our own near future and has some wonderfully hilarious usage of classical music. The trailer, however, does not give any sign for when the game will be coming out. One can expect it will be coming out sometime within the next year as well as probably not getting a physical release. It will be coming exclusively to the PS4.

Despite not reviewing perfectly, including our own review of the previous game giving it a 3.5, the series still has a cult following. The pure joy of defeating big bugs must quite amazing since the game sold over 300,00 copies within three weeks in its native home of Japan. Quite honestly, if it releases for a reasonable price, I will be quite interested in it. Earth Defence Force 5 just looks like a dumb, fun time similar to the B-Films it is clearly paying homage to. It may not have the spit and polish of a lot of other big games, but at least it has a heart the size of a fifty-foot giant alien ant.

But what do you think? Are you excited for the bug-hunting series to come back to the west? Or are you going to squash it like a proverbial ant? Sound off in the comments below!