Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails Update Now Live, Brings New Campaign and Items

Developer Rare has been releasing free updates to Sea of Thieves since launch to reward its community and to address complaints that the game was devoid of content. Today, the studio unleashed quite a big update in the Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails. The 1.42 GB patch (1.01 on PC) includes a new limited-time campaign, extra cosmetics, and more.

The Cursed Sails campaign is the leading feature of this patch. Like the Hungering Deep before it, this limited-time campaign will last three weeks and contains a new threat: cursed skeletons. The bony baddies are armed with cursed cannonballs and call for players to cooperate to take down this new menace. Rare also teases that there is some sort of mystery to solve as players can follow “a tale of greed and madness starting with a hint from the Bilge Rats.”

Pirates can also now offer alliances to each other via a new flag, which will help with taking down those cursed skeletons. It sounds like a “looking for group” system but realized diegetically within the game’s world. Although, be careful who you trust, as Rare warns, because you’re dealing with pirates after all.

The rest of the Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails update brings a wealth of smaller additions and changes. There are new Commendations, Bilge Rat Titles, price drops within the stores, and bug fixes littered throughout the patch notes.

The biggest new item is the Brigantine ship. It’s designed for three players and is sized somewhere in between the girth of the Galleon and speed of the Sloop. Players can also now spend their hard earned gold on the new Hunter and Bone Crusher clothing sets and 13 different hairstyles. There are also 13 new hair dyes but they are locked inside the Vanity Chests. Ghost Ship liveries have showed up in the shops but require a varying levels of progression to attain.