Clash of Clans Still Earns Over $1 Million a Day

Despite having been out for six years, Clash of Clans is still raking in the money. Supercell’s worldwide phenomenon keeps on going. The strategy title, for whatever reason, really struck a chord with a lot of people. It’s a testament to its design and advertising that the game is still being played six years after release, let alone earning Supercell over $1 million a day.

Supercell has managed to keep Clash of Clans fresh all these years thanks to constant updates and the like. You’d think that after six years, however, many players would have simply moved on. This is not the case. According to Sensor Tower’s reportClash of Clans is still bringing home the bacon. Clash of Clans has been earning Supercell an estimated $1.5 million per day this year. Despite this, it’s only been top of the US App Store’s top grossing iPhone games three times this year.

Even though there’s a huge amount of money being spent on Clash of Clans these days, it is nowhere near the game’s peak. Indeed, back in 2015, between January and July, Supercell were earning around $5.5 million each day from Clash of Clans alone. The lifetime revenue of the game now sits at over $3 billion. On the iPhone App Store alone. Wow.

What’s perhaps the most staggering of all this is that Clash of Clans is making more money than Fortnite Mobile and Candy Crush Saga. There’s life in the old dog yet, it seems. Apparently people can’t get enough of it. Despite all the knock-offs and six years on the market, people cannot stop playing Supercell’s strategy game. Will anything ever truly topple this behemoth of the smartphone gaming world? Only time will tell, I guess. If Fortnite can’t though, what can? Apparently, mobile games can make people a hell of a lot of money. Who knew?