Destiny 2 Shaders Are Hated So Much Players Have Spent Over 25 Years Deleting Them

In one of today’s more bizarre pieces of news, it turns out that Destiny 2 players really hate shaders. Seriously, they really hate them. Destiny 2 shaders have always been a cause of concern for fans of Bungie’s online shooter. You may scoff at such a story, but fans of Destiny are still annoyed that the shaders were changed between the first and second game.

Indeed, in the original game, shaders would alter the color of your entire armor set and stay in your item list permanently. In Destiny 2, however, the shaders are a single-use item, which can only be used on one piece of armor at a time. Destiny 2 players hated the change so much, that they have spent a collective 25 years deleting them.

You can delete items at any time in Destiny 2. Hold down a button and after a little second-long wait, poof, it’s gone. With shaders, however, you can only delete one at a time, rather than the whole lot of four or five you’re given. A thread on Reddit has claimed that people have spent over 25 years deleting Destiny 2 shaders. This is based on the math that it takes roughly one second to delete a single shader. It has been deducted that over 807 million shaders have been deleted. People really hate those shaders.

A grand total of 25.6 years has been spent deleting Destiny 2 shaders. That’s longer than I’ve been on this Earth. What’s more astonishing is that this was only during Season 3. Don’t people have jobs or lives to worry about? Oh well. I guess it’s up to people what they spend their time doing. You may be wondering why people have spent so long deleting shaders. It’s simple, really. They take up room in your inventory and don’t really achieve too much. Whatever the reasons, though, Activision sure will be loving all the time people are spending on Destiny 2.