Fortnite Best Butts YouTube Channel Is Growing Rapidly

Nothing quite brings people together like the comparison of Fortnite best butts. Or should we say buttocks? Ass? Either way, while the rest of us are trying our hardest to live life happily, there are some people who just have to take it a step further and go on their own soul-searching mission. Unlike some of our own goals, this person’s list of what makes a happy, fulfilling life is Fortnite butts. Or at least, which Fortnite butts is the best one, because why not?

The user of this admittedly creepy YouTube channel Fortnite Best Asses“‘ is unknown, though it is already earning thousands of subscribers. It was first discovered through Matthew Hayes of, who had found a thread dedicated to the strange YouTube account up on Reddit. The thread can no longer be found, but Hayes mentioned how the original poster was making fun of the channel for having 16 subscribers. When we first started writing this article the channel had 1,800 subs. (Moving to publish my article now, I see that it has grown to 2,100 subscribers!)

Whoever this user is, they are slowly earning quite the fanbase. Of course, we don’t really understand why these videos are being made in the first place, especially as they don’t seem to have any purpose at all apart from showing off different butts. There’s no ranking meter, nor is there anything else to show what really makes these butts so great. We’re not one to criticize, but it doesn’t feel as though much thought was put into this butt ranking.

But (ha) we digress! While it doesn’t seem as though the YouTube channel’s growth is going to be stopping anytime soon, it does look as though the butts are shown after each new costume is unlocked by the player.

Will we ever find out who the mysterious YouTuber is? What will come next? You’ll just have to keep your eyes glued to the booty to find out.