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Destiny 2 Year 2 Aims to Make Combat More Customizable

Destiny 2 players only have about another month until Forsaken drops on September 4. But developer Bungie has laid out some more changes coming around that big expansion in their Year 2 updates, mainly surrounding the gunplay. During a recent livestream, Bungie detailed some of the Destiny 2 Year 2 combat changes that are designed to give the player more customization options.

The livestream started out with team explaining how they were looking at the feedback they received from the Year 1 content. The studio found that customization would be one of the key pillars of changing combat in Year 2. Allowing more choice meant they had to change many of the key attributes of weapons and abilities.

Random weapon rolls are back in the game. This means that guns will come with some preloaded perks. Bungie showed this on the same pistol with three different configurations and multiple disparate bonuses such as better stability, explosive rounds, and increased damage after a kill. While the same weapon at its core, these different perks allow the player to choose how that same weapon functions.

But it goes one step further. Players can also break down mods to separate it from the gun it came on and use those mods on other firearms. Weapon mods can also be upgraded to level 10 with certain materials.

Bungie has also reworked weapons slots. Guns are no longer tied to the slot determined by their class. This means that you can run three of the same weapon class, but you’ll most likely run into ammo problems. While maybe counter-intuitive to some, this is all part of the team’s new “player choice” attitude.

These changes keep the meta from growing stale and have also had an effect on the Supers and sub-classes. There are nine new Supers in Forsaken with more perks so that “everyone has a new way to play.” Ability changes were done in reaction to weapon changes as they had to adapt many different sections of the game as more parts shifted. Perks, melee abilities, Supers, and grenades were all balanced in order to combat those shifting parts.

The livestream spilled more details about the nitty gritty number changes that hardcore fans might salivate over. Some of these changes will go live on August 28 while others will come alongside with Forsaken on September 4.

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