League of Legends Servers are Down: What is the LoL Server Status

If you’ve been watching China dominate Korea in the Asian Games League of Legends showcase match and it’s inspired you to take to the Rift yourself then you’re out of luck. With LoL servers down for the count at the moment, if you’re in the North American region, Riot Games has reported that their servers’ status is currently affected while they perform maintenance.

The League of Legends website currently notes that the North American LoL client, the LoL store, and the game itself are currently offline. Riot’s site is the only thing that’s currently working in the region and providing updates. Issues with the game and the servers appeared to have started yesterday morning when ranked queues were shut down to enable a smooth transition into patch 8.17. Riot had also estimated a 3-hour shutdown or so regarding services.

League of Legends Server Status

However, fast-forwarding to today sees yet another network operation issue for North American players. The current status of the game, the client, and the LoL store still reads as Offline. On top of that, while the game is temporarily available because Riot is carrying out routine maintenance that should be complete in a few hours, there’s yet to have been any word about the connectivity issues plaguing the store or the client.

It looks like other regions from EU West to Oceania may have been experiencing network operations errors today. Service status notes posted on the pages of other regions advised players who had unknown countdown errors during matchmaking to keep trying. No other issues are currently logged with other regions, so it may well be that NA is the only one that’s having to deal with disgruntled players who can’t get online.

If you’re wanting to keep up to date with the status of the LoL NA servers, we’d recommend tracking the server status on the game’s native website. This will also allow you to keep tabs on the other servers on the off-chance that they start encountering errors as well. We hope you get back onto the Rift soon!