Judge Eyes Screenshots: Yakuza Developer’s New Game Revealed

From the minds behind the Yakuza series comes a new title, Judge Eyes, which has just been announced at the PlayStation Line-Up. Judging by the screenshots of the title so far as well as the footage, it looks like players will take on a story with a heavy focus on the law and its consequences. We’ve put together a gallery of some Judge Eyes screenshots from the announcement for your viewing pleasure:

The aesthetic of the game screams Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s usual blend of realism and exaggerated dramatics. If the gallery of images we’ve got is anything to go by, the studio is going for a feel that resembles Yakuza, and not only because the game is predictably going to be set in Japan.

Toshihiro Nagoshi is also helming Judge Eyes as its director, so it’s going to benefit from a wealth of his expertise from working on titles like Shenmue, a good chunk of the Yakuza titles, and Valkyria Chronicles. Nagoshi’s varied resumé should ensure that he’s comfortably poised to lead this latest project to greatness. For those who have been enjoying the latest adventures of Kazuma Kiryu, Judge Eyes could well be something that tickles the same fancies whilst adding a novel legal twist to the proceedings. From the smart suits to the grizzled male NPCs, there’s a lot of ground being re-tread from an aesthetic perspective, though that isn’t necessarily unwelcome.

From what we know so far of the PlayStation Line-Up announcement, the title will be making its way to the West as soon as 2019, which means that they’re likely already well underway on things under the hood. The game will be launching in Japan in December this year so it could be possible for those who just can’t wait to nab a version from a different region if they’re dedicated enough.