Cities: Skylines for Switch Out Now

In typical Nintendo Direct fashion, today we both learned about the existence of Cities: Skylines for Switch and found out it was released immediately. You can buy Cities: Skylines for Switch right now on the eShop for $39.99.

Cities: Skylines for Switch includes Snowfall and After Dark and has full controller and HD rumble support. The fact that Paradox got the game to run on the Switch hardware is nothing short of amazing, and it looks to fill a niche that hadn’t been covered yet on the console.

Fortunately, this isn’t a dumbed down version of the game at all. All the features from the PC and Xbox One versions are here, and you can build the same sprawling metropolis on Switch that you can elsewhere. Exclusive to the Switch is that the HD Rumble will help you find the best area to place service buildings in your city. There’s also Switch-specific tutorials that will benefit both new city builders and those coming from other platforms get started.

This version may not be the best performance-wise or graphically, but once again this is a port that plays on the Switch’s strengths. This is the only version of Cities: Skylines that’s portable, which means you can take your city with you anywhere.