New Total War Game Reveal Teased by Creative Assembly Next Week

Creative Assembly is teasing a new Total War game reveal next week. Since earlier this year, the UK-based developer has been busy revealing new details and information for its next confirmed title in the long-running historical strategy game franchise, Total War Three Kingdoms. According to the developer’s post on Twitter, it looks like a brand new Total War game will be announced on October 4, 2018.

The official Total War Twitter account posted a mysterious image along with the statement that “a fantastical announcement is drawing near.” That’s all that Creative Assembly has revealed so far about the new Total War game announcement. The image in the post is that of a tattered and stained map of sorts, with an X marking a spot and the date of the reveal next week. The developer continued with another tweet below, adding that there will be further announcements for all other Total War titles in the coming weeks as well.

What could the new Total War game be? Veterans of the franchise have long clamored for a sequel to 2006’s Medieval 2: Total War, which remains one of the most popular titles in the franchise even today. It could also potentially be a sequel to Empire: Total War, which featured the early modern period of the 18th century. Another possibility would be something related to the Warhammer franchise, due to the word “fantastical” being in the tweet. These are all merely speculation for now, and we’ll have to wait until next week to see what  Creative Assembly has in store for everyone.

The developer definitely seems like it’s trying to expand at an incredible rate. It is already planning another brand new IP which enables it to dabble in another game genre, first-person shooters. At the time of writing, not much has been revealed about the console tactical first-person shooter game.