Just Cause 4 Trailer Introduces Rico’s Rival

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have just dropped a new Just Cause 4 trailer. In it, Rico Rodriguez’s rival is shown for the first time. Up to this point, Square and Avalanche have been coy on Just Cause 4 story details, instead detailing new gameplay mechanics and snippets of the game’s large world.

You can watch the brand-new, story-heavy trailer below:

According to Avalanche Studios, Gabriela Morales is “Rico’s toughest adversary yet.” She’s the leader of the notorious Black Hand group and is fighting for the freedom of her home Solis. Rico is tasked with taking on Morales and The Black Hand paramilitary army, but it sure does look like they are prepared for whatever Rico can throw at them. The Black Hand army is equipped to the teeth with all the latest equipment and hi-tech weaponry. It will be up to you to try and stop them with whatever force necessary. The developers want to make the story take more of a center-stage this time around and feel more natural. Just Cause 4’s narrative director Omar Shakir spoke to us recently about the move, explaining that “narrative was really important… The story is actually everywhere in the game.”

This new trailer was part of a news-rich day for Just Cause 4. The game’s official Twitter account has been full of new screenshots, character reveals, and returning faces. Sheldon, for example, is back, with a new design to boot:

The trailer also shows off some of the new weather effects that will play a big part in all of the destruction in Just Cause 4. Lightning strikes, tornadoes, and more are set to ravage the lush landscapes of Solis. We enjoyed the new weather effects when we got to play Just Cause 4 at this year’s E3:

“Tornadoes become swirling hazards of death but are full of objects you can manipulate for more sandbox fun. It took on a life of its own as it tore through the battlefield. Fitting for the series, it felt like yet another huge, untamable presence that will undoubtedly create more hilarious stories. Our live gameplay demo showed this as a huge piece of airborne concrete clobbered Rico as he was gliding around.”

Just Cause 4 is due to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 4, 2018.