New Digimon Game Teased By Series Producer

While some of us are still eagerly awaiting Digimon Survive and its eventual release for the Switch, PS4, Xbox One and other current-gen consoles, series producer Kazumasa Habu has teased fans with news about a new Digimon game that’s currently in development. While there isn’t a whole lot of information about that yet, Habu was interview by Gematsu and had some choice words about the features that he would like to see in that new Digimon game along with other juicy tidbits.

What we know about Digimon Survive at this point is that it’s going to look a little like a survival strategy RPG game, hence the name. If that wasn’t already a departure from the usual formula that the Digimon games had, you might like to know that Survive is also going to involve point-and-click mechanics. This is a bit of a mixed bag as far as things go, but Habu was clear that the Digimon series would only evolve even further. He told Gematsu that he would like new franchise titles to involve “online” play, which we can likely safely assume means some form of multiplayer matchmaking. On top of that, Habu also mentioned that the series would be striving to remain accessible and to make it so that “even players who don’t know of Digimon can come to know if and enjoy it”.

While we don’t know anything just yet about the title to follow Digimon Survive and Digimon Story, it’s clear that the work being done by Habu and his team is very forward-looking, which could very well be really helpful for fans to keep in mind if they’re interested in the longevity of the series. We probably won’t hear about this new Digimon title for quite some time on account of the other gigantic releases being much too close for comfort. That being said, we’ll keep our eye to the ground and update you on any news.