Limbo and Inside Developer Playdead Working on a Sci-Fi Game

Limbo and Inside developer Playdead is working on a brand new sci-fi game, with 40 employees assigned to the as-yet-untitled release. The game, which is described by its developer as being a “fairly lonely” experience, is still a long way from release, with an internal demo set to be finalized by the end of the year.

The sci-fi release will be Playdead’s third published game, following Limbo in 2010 and Inside in 2016. Both were critically acclaimed games, with the studio signing a Microsoft exclusivity deal with both in order to bring them to the Xbox 360/Xbox One before other platforms. Playdead hasn’t revealed which platforms its upcoming game will release on.

The studio’s new game was confirmed in a report by the Danish site ComputerWorld. In the report founder Arnt Jensen said discussed the concept behind its third release.

“I work a lot with themes and feelings as I try to make people work within,” Arnt said. “Ideas come from everywhere – from everyone in the company. The next game becomes a fairly lonely sci-fi game somewhere in the universe.”

Two pieces of concept art were previously revealed by Playdead, showing a cold, futuristic world with a lone, mysterious figure. Aside from this, no new information pertaining to the game has been announced.

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Arnt also referenced the company’s past agreements with partners and publishers, perhaps referencing its exclusivity deal with Microsoft.

“We will be able to get some much better deals and terms today than when we started,” the founder noted.

With both Limbo and Inside being two favorites of their respective console generations, many will be eagerly anticipating a brand new game from the studio. With the internal demo set to be playable at the end of this year, it’s unlikely we’ll get our hands on the sci-fi game at any point in the near future, with it potentially releasing on future consoles rather than the PS4 and Xbox One.