Bendy and the Ink Machine Console Trailer Is Now Available to Watch

The Bendy and the Ink Machine console release, a survival horror puzzle video game from Joey Drew Studios, has had its official trailer unveiled. The game, which was originally released on PC, Mac, and Linux in February 2017, is due to land on other platforms later this year. In a bid to drum up support ahead of launch, a 57-second long trailer was released and showed off the title’s signature Disney inspired art style.

The video was published on the Joey Drews Studios’ official Youtube channel on Friday, September 28, and gives a good idea of the horrors that await players. The first-person oriented title sees gamers try to escape the myriad of terrifying monsters that have been produced by the titular Ink Machine. Set in the year 1996, players take on the role of Henry, a retired animator who is coaxed into returning to his old studio by his old friend Joey Drew. He discovers a nightmare scenario where a number of terrors have been brought to life, and must escape their attention to bring an end to the Ink Machine.

Bendy and the Ink Machine has been released episodically since February 2017, and its final chapter, The Last Reel, is due to land on October 26. This is the same release date for the title on Xbox One and PS4, whilst the Nintendo Switch will also receive a port on November 20. It is expected that all five episodes will be part of a single game package on consoles. The Xbox One and PS4 versions will retail at £19.99 ($25), while the Switch edition will cost £24.99 ($30), according to an Amazon UK listing.

The trailer comes eight months after Bendy and the Ink Machine was announced as an upcoming console title. The ports come courtesy of a new partnership with Austin-based entertainment company Rooster Teeth, who launched a games division in January 2017.