October Windows 10 Update Curbs Game Interruptions From Itself

The October Windows 10 Update seeks to put an effective end to gaming interruptions caused by… Windows 10 updates. The aforementioned “update blocker” will be automatically enabled for any game that can receive customization through Windows settings. With this option enabled while Windows is in Game Mode, all driver installs and notifications related to Windows updates will be suppressed or outright blocked while you make your way through an enemy or obstacle-laden game environment. No more terrorists or lucky newbs hiding behind “Windows needs to restart” pop-ups!

Frankly, this Game Mode update has needed to happen for a very, very long time. Nothing breaks immersion or critically wounds game progression like an untimely system restart or pop-up. Their assertion of “listening to user feedback” in the blog post linked above may not do much to assuage anger over game interruptions  suffered through. That being said, it’s better late than never. I found third party and system-tweaking ways to prevent this issue from affecting me; it’ll be nice to control this problem straight from the source from now on.

Also, this by no means describes the full extent of this particular Windows update. Android users can expect a great new app called “Your Phone” that will allow you to drag and drop photos directly to your computer. The app will also make it possible to respond to texts right on your PC. Additionally, you’ll now be able to drag and drop emails from Outlook to Windows’ To-Do app, creating an integrated workflow management environment right on your desktop. Speaking personally, this is the first time I am legitimately excited by new Windows 10 features. I do all of my work from home, and not having to have my phone right next to me and constantly switch between devices is a welcome change.

The good news about the October Windows 10 update? It might be available for you right now. Check here to find out if your PC can grab the October update today.