Man of Medan Psychologist Mechanic Reportedly Similar to Until Dawn

Man of Medan, the game part of Supermassive Games’ upcoming anthology series, will have a psychologist mechanic like its spiritual predecessor. The first title in the studio’s Dark Pictures Anthology is said to have retained the psychologist element from Until Dawn. It will contain a couple of tweaks to its predecessor, however, to fit in with Man of Medan‘s ocean-faring horror adventure.

The claim comes from a report on Kotaku, who have stated that sources working on Man of Medan have revealed the psychologist’s inclusion. The psychologist mechanic was used in between each chapter in Until Dawn, and helped to enable player immersion and choice. It allowed for unique playthroughs for different gamers, and will likely be utilized in a similar vein in Man of Medan. It is not known in what form this will be exactly though.

Until Dawn players were given the choice to select one of two options from the psychologist during these scenes away from the game’s main plot. Each selection helps to determine where the story goes next and impacts the characters within the title. Supermassive correlates how many times each choice is picked by its player base and, like other narrative games, shows players how similar their choices were to their friends and the wider community.

Man of Medan will be the first in a series of standalone psychological horror games from Supermassive Games. It tells the tale of four Americans, and their skipper Fliss, who travel to the South Pacific Ocean to have a good time and raid a sunken ship for treasure. A supernatural force is disturbed during their trip, however, and the group must survive the horrors that emerge from the depths. Man of Medan is due to be released early in 2019, and will be available to play on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.