Twin Peaks VR Game Announced

Twin Peaks VR is in development at Collider Games. Series creator David Lynch is working with Collider Games and Showtime to produce the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive title. The game is getting a special preview during Lynch’s Festival of Disruption that runs from October 13 to 14.

Twin Peaks VR‘s announcement comes a little over a year after the final episode of Twin Peaks: The Return aired on Showtime. According to Collider Games the game “includes iconic moments and settings” from The Return. Players will be following in the footsteps of series protagonist Special Agent Dale Cooper, but won’t be playing directly as him. The goal seems to be to escape the Red Room, which was a major facet of Twin Peaks: The Return.

Collider Games is using the soundscape and setting of Twin Peaks to immerse players into Lynch’s surreal TV world. The VR title has no release date attached, and with no trailer there isn’t much more known about it. Lynch has yet to comment publicly on the title, although he is involved to some degree on the project

The Twin Peaks television series aired on ABC in 1990 and 1991, with 30 episodes divided between two seasons. The murder mystery plot quickly gave way to supernatural and psychological elements. The cast of characters and Lynch’s unique style led Twin Peaks to a cult following. The cult following and resurgence of the show thanks to streaming services led to last year’s The Return. Twin Peaks VR looks to be capitalizing specifically on The Return for the events and areas it will explore.

Collider Games is largely known as the video game arm of entertainment site Collider, and this will be first production from the team. The special preview at Festival of Disruption will shed more light on the project next weekend. Lynch’s Festival of Disruption takes place in Los Angeles, and will premiere a variety of entertainment projects.