Nintendo Re-Enters the Best Global Brands List

The Interbrand Nintendo ranking has risen dramatically this year. Every year, Interbrand release a list of the top 100 most recognized brands on a global scale. For the first time since 2014, Nintendo is back in it. It is the Nintendo best global brand list placing in four years, largely thanks to the success of the Switch.

Despite the success, however, Nintendo didn’t place highly on the list at all. Interbrand has ranked Nintendo as the 99th most recognized brand in the world. One place ahead of car manufacturer Subaru, and one behind the world’s largest cognac producer Hennessy. Nintendo, however, is the only exclusive video game company on the list. The likes of LEGO (74th), Netflix (66th), and Disney (14th) represent the only fully entertainment-based companies on the list. Sony ranks in 59th place. The top three most globally recognized brands are Apple, Google, and Amazon in that order. Microsoft and Coca-Cola round out the top five.

To determine a brand’s placement on the list, Interbrand has gone with net worth. The Interbrand Nintendo ranking has Nintendo worth $4,696 million. While the 99th place ranking might not seem too much to write home about for a company as big as Nintendo, it represents a very important moment for them. As stated above, this is the first time Nintendo has appeared in the list since 2014. Before this, the Big N placed consistently since 2001. The Wii U was well into its decline, and 3DS sales were stalling. Since then, however, the Switch and NES and SNES Classic Minis have helped Nintendo to reclaim some of its older glory.

The Switch could be onto bigger and better things from now on too. The likes of Pokemon Let’s Go, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Animal Crossing are all on the way within the next year. What’s more, an official Mario movie is on the way from Despicable Me and Minions maestros Illumination studios. Add to this more strides in the mobile market, and the Nintendo best global brand list ranking could be higher again next year.