Okami Now Holds Two Guinness World Records

Capcom’s classic action/adventure game Okami now holds two Guinness World Records. The latest Okami world record was awarded at the tail-end of last week, during Capcom’s New York Comic Con panel. Guinness World Records awarded the game with the award for the “most critically acclaimed video game starring an animal character.”

Twinfinite originally broke the news, and rightly pointed out that there haven’t been too many critically acclaimed games starring an animal character. Despite this, Okami is ranked higher than the likes of Crash BandicootBanjo & Kazooie, and even Sonic the Hedgehog. Earning a Guinness World Record would be great thing for anybody, but Capcom has felt the enviable thrill twice for Okami.

Back in 2006, Okami and Capcom picked up a Guinness World Record for the title being the “least commercially successful winner of a Game of the Year award.” There is no doubt that the latest Okami world record makes for nicer reading for Capcom.

Okami originally released in 2006 on PS2. Since then, the game has been ported to Nintendo Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It did garner critical acclaim upon release, and we were one of the many outlets to praise just about every aspect of the game in our reviewOkami has gone down in history for its slick gameplay and story, but it is in its graphics where it has earned the most praise. We explained that “in every background, building, and animation, from the gusts of wind swirling through the night sky, to the Japanese maple leaves that burst from Amaterasu every time she charges, Okami is pure eye candy.”

Capcom isn’t the only game company to have been on the receiving end of Guinness World Records. Final Fantasy 12, for example, holds the record for the longest development period in video game history. I doubt Square will be framing that one any time soon.