Crazy Machines VR Release Date Set

A Crazy Machines VR release date has been set, and you won’t have to wait too much longer to have your contraptions fling objects at your virtual self. Announced back in March, Crazy Machines VR is the series’ first official push into virtual reality.

The stage is set for an October 25 Crazy Machines VR release date, and although Sony is celebrating the second anniversary of the PSVR platform this month with new releases and announcements, Crazy Machines VR isn’t one of them. A Crazy Machines VR PSVR release date is coming, but it won’t launch until some time after the other versions, which include not just HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but the Microsoft HoloLens series of devices, too.

While it’s difficult to quantify just how many Crazy Machines games are available thanks to countless DLC packs, four numbered releases (if we’re counting 1.5), and a spin-off with Crazy Machines Elements, Crazy Machines VR can easily be considered the evolution of the franchise. The title is developed from the ground up to support VR platforms and retains the same core gameplay features as before.

For those unfamiliar with the Crazy Machines brand, it’s a puzzle game heavily centered around physics in which you build Rube Goldberg-inspired contraptions to solve a variety of puzzles. Crazy Machines VR is set to feature 40 levels strewn across five chapters, but developer Fakt Software assures that aiming for the in-game achievements will keep the challenge going long after clearing each level, but those having trouble with the base game can look to a “surly robot” for clues.

Crazy Machines first debuted back in October 2005, making the October Crazy Machines VR release date take place during the original title’s 13th anniversary. Developed by Fakt Software since the beginning, publishing rights changed from Viva Media to Daedelic Entertainment with the release of Crazy Machines 3 almost two years ago to the day.

You can view a trailer for the new game here.