Dragon Quest 10 Offline Edition Could Come to the West

Based on comments made by Dragon Quest 10 producers Yosuke Saito and Yuu Miyake, Dragon Quest 10 Offline could be on the way to the West at some stage in the future, without its MMORPG aspects. Talk of such a move “often comes up” in the Dragon Quest offices over at Square Enix.

Saito and Miyake made the claims during the Chou Dragon Quest 10: Fall no Bunkasai 10-Hour Special 2018 broadcast. Gamestalk originally covered the news story, with Gematsu handily translating. Many things Dragon Quest were discussed during the broadcast. This included discussion on a potential Dragon Quest 10 Western release. Saito would like to see the stories of the game played by as many people as possible. “Even within the traditional Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest 10 is packed with excellent stories. Talk of an offline version often comes up, and I don’t think the possibility is zero.” Saito adds that “it would be great if [Square Enix] could introduce it to fans to play somewhere.”

Miyake builds on Saito’s comments, adding that “overseas, Dragon Quest 10 has not been released. There are people going from Dragon Quest 8 to 11 because 3DS is not as prevalent overseas.” He concludes that “since Dragon Quest 10 has tons of rich stories, [he] would like to make something that can tell those stories, including to players overseas.” While it is no official confirmation of a Dragon Quest 10 Offline Edition in the West, it does appear as though discussions are ongoing about such a project. Of course, future localizations of the series all depend on the sales success of Dragon Quest 11.

In other news, Miyake is also considering a smartphone port of Dragon Quest 9. He argues that difficulties regarding the original game’s StreetPass content would make it difficult. “It wouldn’t be in the same form as… [the] 3DS,” but he is “starting to see [Square Enix] being able to do something.”