Batwoman Costume Revealed in First Look

The Flash Season 5 begins today, October 9, and it kicks off another year of the CW’s successful and ever-expanding series of DC Comics-based TV shows. The next show coming to the DC CWverse, or “Arrowverse” as it’s sometimes known (after the first CW DC Comics show Arrow), will be Batwoman. And today we got our first look at the character’s costume. You can see the picture above, as worn by actor Ruby Rose, who faced some backlash over her casting a couple of months ago.

batwoman costume comic

It’s certainly one of the more accurate costumes out of all of the CW shows. The color scheme is black and red, right down to the deliberately-fake red hair. The cape is a little less bright red than the comics but it’s certainly more subtle, and has an interesting almost bat-wing like “vein” design. The only parts that don’t directly match the comic version are her gauntlets and boots, which are also red in the comics but are black here. However, the gloves appear to have some red on them. The mask certainly seems influenced by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

It’s also worth noting the Batsignal in the background, as well as the Wayne Enterprises tower, clearly showing that Batwoman will be based in Gotham City. There is no word yet whether Batman himself will appear, despite Supergirl alluding to his existence multiple times and Arrow name-dropping Bruce Wayne in its last season.

Batwoman will make her first appearance in the big crossover between the CW DC shows this December, which is titled “Elseworlds,” a term which in the comics means a story set outside the normal canon. This suggests this version of Batwoman, otherwise known as Kate Kane, and Gotham City may not be part of any of the regular series’s universes. A full Batwoman series will follow on from this story, presumably at the end of 2019.