XCOM 2 Mod Adds CJ From GTA San Andreas

The XCOM 2 Steam Workshop is full of wonderful and wonderfully absurd user creations and mods. The XCOM 2 CJ mod is one of them as it adds nearly 1,000 of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas protagonist Carl “CJ” Johnson’s voice lines to the game.

PC Gamer noticed the CJ mod for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen earlier today. The mod adds 929 voice lines that can be applied to any character in the War of the Chosen expansion for the game. The mod’s description says, “CJ has an unwavering loyalty towards his family and the hood and when it got swarmed by the ADVENT, he simply could not stand idle and watch.” Mod creator CapRum is definitely having fun with this one.

CapRum also made the smart call to avoid any references to CJ’s name, or the Grand Theft Auto series that he is from — just to keep the mod clear of suspicions from Rockstar. CapRum has added a variety of other voice packs to XCOM 2 including Serious Sam, Nolan North’s “Boss” from Saints Row 4, Nathan Drake, and other Grand Theft Auto protagonists.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen added a lot of content to the game, with a new story expansion and formidable “Chosen” bosses. These bosses are randomized and work similarly to Shadow of Mordor‘s Nemesis System. Three new player-controlled specialist classes were added to the game, along with a variety of other additions and changes. War of the Chosen built smartly on the well-received XCOM 2, and adding CJ just makes it all the better.

Firaxis Games released XCOM 2 in February 2016, and has sold well across PC, PS4, and Xbox One since it launched. Console versions of the game were released in September 2016. The sequel to 2012’s series reboot built upon Enemy Unknown‘s foundation with a variety of smart choices.

Now the XCOM 2 CJ mod has made the game even better than that. Check it out here.