Knack 2 BAFTA

Knack 2 Nominated for BAFTA Award

The full list of games nominated for the BAFTA Children’s Awards has been announced, and in a surprising turn, a Knack 2 BAFTA win could soon be a reality. Knack 2 has been nominated for a BAFTA award in the Children’s Awards as part of the Game of the Year category. Knack 2 makes up part of a four-strong list of games.

Taking to Twitter to announce the list of Game of the Year nominations, BAFTA supplied us with the list of titles, including Knack 2. It turns out that Knack 2 has a bit of stiff competition in its way of winning the award. Everybody’s Golf, Frantics, and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle all stand in the way of Knack 2 and the coveted game of the year award. BAFTA’s tweet can be seen below:

Upon release, Knack 2 was on the receiving end of mixed reviews. It sits on an average review score of 69 on review aggregate site Metacritic. While it was seen as an upgrade over the original Knack, critics didn’t love its storytelling and graphics. Only PS4 PlayLink exclusive Frantics garnered a lower average review score than Knack 2 in the list of nominations. Mario + Rabbids sits at a healthy 85, while Everybody’s Golf tees off with an average score of 78.

No matter the critical response to every game, each game here couldn’t be more different. You have sports, minigames, action adventure and strategy all represented. There is a varied list of games out there for children to enjoy, as these four nominations prove. While different from each other in style and execution, these game all have one key ingredient in common: multiplayer and co-op. Each of these games can be enjoyed with parent and child, or children playing with siblings or friends.

We’ll find out the winner of the BAFTA Children’s Game of the Year Award on November 25, 2018.

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