Fan-Made Overwatch Marvel Skins Let Us Dream

Overwatch Marvel skins are unlikely to ever happen, but a new album of fan-made artwork depicting the idea has reignited our hopes and dreams for a potential Overwatch Marvel crossover event.

Published to Reddit by artist Xtremee_ghost, five more Overwatch Marvel skins have been put onto paper, following the larger album of 11 imagined crossover skins just two weeks ago. As you might expect, the artwork reimagines Overwatch‘s ever-growing cast of characters donning outfits reminiscent of key Marvel heroes and villains.

The latest round of Overwatch Marvel skins thrust characters like Ana, Symmetra, and Genji into the spotlight, taking on the guise of Silver Sable, Superior Ironman, and Daredevil respectively. With even Doomfist making a solid cosplay attempt as Doctor Doomfist, it goes to show how well Overwatch and Marvel heroes can mirror each other. There’s even a pink version of Symmetra’s Ironman suit designed to follow up the charity Mercy skin released earlier in the year.

The five new-look characters add to those published just two weeks before, which even saw Junkrat copy Green Goblin. His grenades were already ripe for the treatment, but the artist went so far as to turn Junkrat’s handy landmine into the Goblin’s signature glider. Newcomer Briggette seamlessly pulls off the Jane Foster version of Thor, with Roadhog even managing to make a case as Ghost Rider after squeezing into a leather bike suit.

More surprising is how Windowmaker manages to cosplay several Marvel heroes with just a relatively minor change to her base attire. Capable of pulling off the Blackwidow look, the artist only needed to change a few colors and adornments to have her copycat other characters like Spider-Gwen and Gamora.

Earlier in the year, artist Xtremee_Ghost even published an extensive Overwatch/X-Men crossover album. As before, the collection features a selection of Overwatch heroes doing their best X-Men impressions, with a short Torbjorn as Wolverine getting a solid A for effort.