Nintendo Switch Dreamcast Games Could Soon Be a Reality

The Switch is a popular console with games from all sorts of different systems but now it could also be getting a slew of Dreamcast games as well. Sega‘s Naoki Horii stated in a recent interview that Nintendo Switch Dreamcast games could become a reality sometime in the future. Although the developer and publisher was not sure how it would approach the situation.

This interview comes by way of Famitsu and was translated by NintendoEverything. Horii spoke at the Tokyo Game Show stating that he would “do his best” on trying to get the Dreamcast games on the Switch. And, while his tune hasn’t quite changed, he wasn’t clear on how it would be achieved.

“At the time, it seemed likely that we’d be able to emulate Dreamcast software on the Nintendo Switch,” said Horii. “Depending on whether you’re emulating software or remaking the source code entirely, porting something is completely different. I think Sega chose some of the titles based on that—no doubt emulation increased the number of titles they were able to choose from.”

Emulation versus remaking is quite a difference since remaking would likely lead to Sega going in a changing a few things. According to Sega Supervisor Yosuke Okunari, that’s entirely a possibility.

“I think that this time the results of the survey influenced that as well,” he said. “I haven’t really come to a conclusion yet, but I wonder if it’d be better to release more titles from the list in a manner similar to the Virtual Console or to hand-pick a select few with added features.”

This “survey” was in regards to the results of the fan poll that ran alongside the announcement of Sega Ages: Virtua Racing last month. Sega Ages is not only a thematically appropriate palindrome, but a way for the publisher to release old titles under one banner. The poll results shows that fans wanted the Jet Set Radio series the most, followed by the first two Shenmue games and Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG. Other Sega titles, like Sonic the Hedgehog, have already come to the Switch under the Sega Ages banner.

It sounds like Sega is trying to make Nintendo Switch Dreamcast games more than just a dream. However, the strategy of making that dream come true is a bit more complicated than simply wishing it so.