Battlefield 5 Designer Banned From Playing Black Ops 4

Battlefield 5 Core Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan has been banned from playing Black Ops 4, with Treyarch preventing his account from accessing the PC version of the game. Florian, known by his online handle DRUNKKZ3, posted an error message that prevented him from being able to access the new Call of Duty game.

“DRUNKKZ3 has been banned from playing on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 servers,” the error message reads. “Sign in with another profile to play online.”

It appears that Florian wasn’t banned for his questionable behavior while playing the game, but rather for being too good. After the ban, the Battlefield 5 designer posted a gameplay video highlighting his skills, with him one-shotting a bunch of opponents and pulling off some impressive plays. When asked whether he was cheating, Florian replied: “I don’t think they liked my HS ratio going up.”

It has already been reported that Black Ops 4 is suffering from its first aimbots. A user on the game’s subreddit r/BlackOps4 posted video evidence depicting a player cheating, with them pulling off six suspicious kills in a row. Treyarch responded to this footage, replying: “We take anti-cheat very seriously, and have worked closely with Blizzard’s security team on the process. Sadly, some people will always try to cheat, so it is an ongoing process for us to address any issues we see.”

However, it seems that Treyarch’s crackdown on cheaters may have resulted in Florian being banned. Though no official reason was given behind the ban, judging from the clips it seems that his expert skills could be to blame. Florian hasn’t provided an update on whether or not the ban has been lifted, but either way, it’s pretty funny that a Battlefield 5 developer has been banned from playing the latest entry in its rival series. Hopefully, Florian can go back to headshotting his opponents sooner rather than later.