Fans Sync Hue To Beat Saber Bohemian Rhapsody

Deciding to sync Philips Hue lights to a PC Beat Saber Bohemian Rhapsody performance is nothing short of a stroke of genius. Philips’ expensive smart LED lighting solution has proven popular over the years. It isn’t the first time the Dutch company has made it possible to sync its lights with audio and video feeds, but the continuous improvement of smart lighting and LED tech has managed to increase the potential of the tech exponentially.

The whole point of VR is to create immersive experiences, a standing on the sidelines while someone else dives into a VR game is anything but.

When you’re quite literally face-first in a VR headset, your only real thought about the space around you relates to what you might break or what might break you rather than how the space itself appeals to those watching you flail your arms. By syncing Philips Hue lights to a Beat Saber Bohemian Rhapsody attempt, though, and you’ve got yourself an impressive light show to help your crowd rock on while you cut up virtual brick notes with your beam swords.

Beat Saber has become something akin to VR’s answer to Guitar Hero or Rock Band, creating a solid reason for players to get together to shoot down an opponent’s high score with their slick Matrix-style moves or simply to laugh at the game’s rigorous learning curve.

PC gamers have been able to sync up their Philips Hue lights to their PC systems for a little while now with YouTube having plenty of tutorials on how to do it going back in July through the Hue Sync app. It isn’t clear whether video uploader Plunderscore used this exact method to sync their Hue light cluster to their VR setup, but it’s fairly likely.

There are plenty of ways to improve the 4-cluster arrangement seen here, but the choice and game and track will be hard to beat.