Fan Creates Breath of the Wild FFXIV Mod

This Breath of the Wild FFXIV mod helps make the dream Zelda/FFXIV crossover a reality. Nintendo’s open-world adventure game has proven a hotbed for fan-made mods and hacks over the years, and things don’t look to be slowing down just yet.

Modder SirenBrink submitted Breath of the Wild FFXIV mod simply titled “FFXIV Project” to the weapon skins section of GameBanana’s Breath of the Wild mods page earlier this month and updated the collection to include more weapon options just over a week ago.

Breath of the Wild features a dizzying amount of weapons and equippable gear already, with even rudimentary household objects being viable ways to combat the game’s enemies and pots. Each of those models and asset entries can be replaced by other models or textures with the right tools and time. SirenBrink, alongside a few others given credit for “advice” and “item duplicator tools”, build the Breath of the Wild FFXIV mod to replace many of the original game’s weapons with those taken directly from Square Enix’s fantasy MMORPG.

The Breath of the Wild FFXIV mod features weapons and shields from a select few FFXIV armor sets including the Gordian raid set from the game’s first major expansion, Heavensward, the Dreadwyrm set from the base A Realm Reborn raid, and even the Endless Expanse Bow, a crafted version of an original boss weapon that featured more extreme particle effects.

To aid in the scale of adventure both games are built upon, each of these spliced-in weapons and shields are found scattered through the Breath of the Wild landscape, with clues of their whereabouts included in the original mod post. Numerous issues have been fixed since the original release, but an included to-do list suggests the modder isn’t quite done with the custom content yet with more armor and a reworked Aegis Shield item scheduled for future releases.

Sadly, getting the Breath of the Wild FFXIV working on your game requires either the Wii U version, or an emulated copy through something like Cemu. Nintendo Switch owners looking for that FFXIV fix will need to keep banking on the hope of a port.