Blizzcon 2018: Overwatch Short Reunion Features McCree

At the Blizzcon 2018 Opening Ceremony, we got a chance to see a new Overwatch short called Reunion. Reunion showcases McCree and an old fame of his named Ashe. We also got a chance to see a mysterious robot named Echo. This short set the stage for a reveal of a new character and gave us a chance to see more of McCree’s past.

As McCree is eating at a diner, his meal is interrupted by an explosion. We see that a gang is hijacking a train. After a firefight, we see that a new character, an omnic named Echo is located in a container. During the short we get a look at a ton of new characters, of which two in particular are stars. Ashe and her omnic sidekick B.O.B. face off against McCree and don’t exactly fare well.

We get a look at some of McCree’s precision gunslinging, and as always it’s awesome to find out more about the heroes in Overwatch. I continue to hope that someday Blizzard will weave this all into a campaign mode.

The short led straight into the announcement of a new character and was a great way to introduce her.