Total War Warhammer 2 DLC Release Date Announced

Sega has announced the upcoming Total War Warhammer 2 DLC release date. Titled the “Curse of the Vampire Coast”, the update for Creative Assembly’s game will land on Friday, November 8. The additional content was listed as being available to pre-order on Steam for $17.99 (£13.99). However, those who buy the patch right now can earn a 10% discount on the price, and buy it for $16.40 (£12.59) instead.

The Curse of the Vampire Coast’s release date announcement came alongside a new trailer. Posted on the official Total War Youtube channel, the footage provides a glimpse of what’s in store for players. The CGI trailer, which shows off the in-game engine graphics, offers an idea of what the story DLC entails.

“The erratic power of the Great Vortex has awoken Amanar, a vast and ancient Merwyrm,” a Sega press release revealed. “It terrorises the Vampire Coast, attacking ports on a whim and summoning colossal sea-storms in its wake. Each of the Legendary Lords seeks not to harness the power of the Vortex, but to locate and empower the fabled Star-Metal Harpoon – the only weapon capable of bending the beast to their will, and securing their reputation as the most infamous pirate lord on the high seas!”

Players are able to use the DLC in Warhammer II’s two campaign modes – Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empire – and also introduces four legendary pirate war lords to play as or fight against. New battle mechanics, a new roster of ghouls, zombies, and other foes, and a new Lore of Magic – the Lore of the Deep – are included in the update.

As part of the upcoming release, Sega and Creative Assembly have also reduced the price of Total War: Warhammer II on Steam. Players can enjoy a 33% discount on the full game once the Curse of the Vampire Coast update is released, and the price reduction will only be available this weekend.