Fallout 76 Beta Mods Are Already Available

Fallout 76 beta mods are already starting to appear from dedicated and creative fans. While limited in scope and number, you can already find user created enhancements cropping up for your new wasteland wanderer.

Eurogamer has uncovered several Fallout 76 Beta mods on the popular modding website Nexus Mods. At the time of writing, there are 20 mods available, which has already grown from around 12 in the past two days.

Most of the mods look like simple aesthetic changes such as a hair color replacement mod or other various retextures. Others bring in things fan missed from Fallout 4 such as the map style or lock picking functionality.

During this years’ E3 conference, Bethesda Games Studios Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard explained that modding support would not be available until after the game had launched. He also stated that modding wouldn’t be available in the beta so it seems fans are getting the jump on this time honored Fallout tradition.

Eurogamer also spoke to modders Motherofdeathclaws and Neeher to ask how they had managed to mod the game so early. The modders explained that the core of Fallout 76 is almost exactly the same as Fallout 4. It uses the same method of packaging assets so traditional modding techniques couldn’t be used. Instead, they used the Fallout 4 creation kit Archive2 to modify packaged assets and implement the desired changes.

Currently, these mods and the changes they bring are only visible on the player side meaning none of your friends will be able to see your new bright hairdo. It also seems to be impossible to make any changes that affect the core physics of the game, meaning it’s unlikely you can download anything particularly game-breaking just yet.

Whether these mods and other exploits players are finding will carry over once the full Fallout 76 releases on November 14 remains to be seen.