Hitman Fan Story Recap Created to Get Players Up to Speed Before Hitman 2

A Hitman story recap has emerged online to get players up to speed before Hitman 2‘s release later this month. The fan-created webpage, which gives an extremely detailed look back at Hitman‘s plot, has gone live ahead of the sequel’s release date on November 13.

The website, which can be found here, was created by the Hitman fan known solely as White. A self-described Hitman lore expert, White worked alongside the Hitman forum’s community to give a ridiculously detailed account of the story of Hitman 2‘s predecessor. The recap begins with Hitman‘s prologue, before the recap takes a deep dive into each of the title’s episodes.

Chief among the information on show is each and every target available to take out in each of the episodes. The recap also enables Hitman fans to see CGI footage from the first game, such as the mission briefing and mission cutscene. A substantial account of each of the episodic story lines have been typed up by White too.

The story recap adds information that players may want to be aware of before Hitman 2 is released as well. The main location settings for Hitman 2 are revealed, including Mumbai, Miami, and Whittleton Creek in the USA. A link to the location reveal trailer is also provided, in case any players missed out on seeing it when it was first unveiled.

Hitman 2 sees protagonist Agent 47 embark on a mission to track down a group known as the Shadow Client, as he tries to find out some answers to his past life. The game is due to be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Unlike its predecessor, Hitman 2 will not be released episodically. However, two paid expansions will be added to the title in future updates. Those people who have pre-ordered the Gold Edition of the game will receive these updates free of charge.