Sony Secretly Released a New Quieter PS4 Pro

A new quieter PS4 Pro has been released by Sony on the sly into the retail market. Those looking to get a new PlayStation console for Christmas may want to double check to make sure they’re getting the newest iteration.

According to Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, the new quieter PS4 Pro comes with the model number CUH-7200 and is just starting to come through in the market. If you’re looking to pick one up your best bet is the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle pack, at least in the UK. You should make sure to check the box for the CUH-7216B number to see if you’re getting the newest console.

The main benefit of opting for the CUH-7200 is simply a quieter fan. The original Pro or the CUH-7000 is known for being a bit noisy when running some of the more intense games. To find out exactly how far these changes go, Digital Foundry conducted comparison tests on the current PS4 Pro iterations.

They used one of the heavier hitters, this year’s beautiful God of War in photo mode to maintain a standard across the machines. The oldest and loudest of the consoles clocked in at 50dB to 55dB.

This was improved upon greatly thanks to a previous iteration in the console the CUH-7100 which was also quietly released last year. When the same test was run, this machine only outputted 47dB to 50dB and had less sudden shifts in sound.

It seems with the new quieter PS4 Pro Sony has stepped it up once more. The CUH-7200 has dropped the sound by around another 3dB outputting 44dB/48dB at the same benchmark. Digital Foundry remarks that this still isn’t as quiet as an Xbox One X but that it’s a marked improvement on the original and described it as a “discreet living room console.”

Other changes to this new model are limited in scope as the core of the machine remains the same.  The only real difference noticeable from the outside is a change to a figure eight power cable instead of a kettle cord. While this may mean it’s slightly more efficient the overall look of the new quieter PS4 Pro hasn’t changed.