Beat Saber PSVR will be out soon.

Beat Saber PSVR Release Date Announced Along With New Content

The Beat Saber PSVR release date has finally been announced and it’s coming very soon. Beat Saber will be available for the PSVR headset on November 20 for an unknown price (however, the PC version $19.99). The popular VR rhythm game was announced for the PS4 at E3 2018 but without a solid release date. Beat Saber PSVR also brings new content and features to the game.

Beat Games released Beat Saber on Steam in May 2018, and it has garnered an “overwhelmingly positive” rating on that platform and more is coming to the PSVR release of Beat Saber. First up is a new campaign mode that is exclusive to PSVR and will offer regular challenges to players. Five new songs are coming to Beat Saber on PSVR, alongside the game’s current soundtrack.

New modifiers will also be available to create more challenges and fun for players. A practice mode is being introduced, which will allow players to slow the game down, and start at any part of a level to help practice tricky parts. A new party mode will be available as well, allowing players to jump into levels even quicker. Beat Saber will even have a one saber mode, and a mode where beats don’t have directional arrows on them.

The developer plans to continue supporting Beat Saber after release with additional content. The first new content pack will include ten new songs, and is expected “very soon” after launch. Beat Saber on PC has been supported by custom, community created songs that have expanded the game’s soundtrack considerably. Players are hopeful that the PS4 release will include a level editor to add custom songs, but Beat Games have not commented on the feature yet. The game’s Steam page makes clear that Beat Games will include an official level editor on PC, but copyright laws and other issues could mar a PS4 version of the feature.

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